Thursday, February 28, 2013

Back to NYC with Mour

I am having such a good time traveling states and countries like a good princess should and I know you bitches is jealous I live the good life and LOVE IT! I will be with Mistress Mour for 3 weeks in NYC fine dinning and doing some photoshoots together. Hopefully we both will find some good slaves to spend lots of cash on us and take us shopping like spoiled brats should. I will be having my NiteFlirt lines open for you ready to worship and send those good tributes. Mistress Mour and I are enjoying Miami this weekend then off to NYC to party in Manhattan I don't think you boys ready for double the fun we will make sure you guys go broke. Miss Mour is cooking for me and let me tell you she cooks some good meals I don't want her to leave back to Dubai because that's where she lives I wish I could keep her but I'm sure you guys can pay for her flights to have her visit me more often. Off to nomnomnom down bye bitches.

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Feb. 6 update

Thanks slave pinky on the late Birthday gift I can't say no to this all these good 100's. I am having a good time in the spa right now decided to write something and let you know I am enjoying life and dealing with many new slaves I want more to obey and more to spend. I am currently in NYC with another mistress then planning to visit a close friend in Texas then after we will see where the next slave takes me.

Valentine's day is coming up who is going to be getting me some giftcards? Will it be you? Of course it is with me using my big juicy lips and telling you now "close your eyes think about my sexy face and say anything for Jess" when you open your eyes you shall click on giftcards then send me a vday gift like a girl deserves it. Don't keep me waiting boys get it together and save up because vday is my day and I want gifts and cash ASAP!

Friday, February 1, 2013

Waking up in Vegas

Visting Mistress Gizel in Vegas for the weekend then off to NYC on Monday. Gizel and I been best friends forever but since she moved to Vegas and I moved to Miami we have been very distance but that doesn't stop us from hanging out and having a good time because our slaves gets us together. I'm trying to have her come with me to NYC to have a good time but we don't want to spend our funds for this fun trip we need YOU to make it happen all you have to do is send a Niteflirt tribute of $25 not to much to ask just DO IT! Well I'm off to lounge and drink champagne with my Gizzie you can tell already I'm feeling good in the photo of us below lol.