Thursday, January 24, 2013

Enjoying Life

One of my good slaves spoiled me today to go to NYC and Dubai for a mini vacation at both places so I couldn't say no I accepted the offer felt good to take his cash and leave Miami. Of course I didn't have to do much but look pretty and get what I want. Gosh I never want to leave Dubai I am having such a good time here but next week I leave then heading to NYC the big apple lol. I might meet couple of other mistresses to party with in NYC and cannot wait to get spoiled some more by more losers on Niteflirt. Well wanted to share with you that I am having a good time and looking so hot thank you slaves getting me to enjoy these wonderful vacations till next time bitches.

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Dubai Lovin

Sorry haven't been on Niteflirt been to busy having a good birthday/vacation with my best friend MistressMour in Dubai and lovng it FUCK YEAH! Mour made a wonderful dinner tonight now it's time for us sexy girls to party. Thanks slave Carlos for sending me $200 as a late birthday gift if you other slaves want to get me something check out my spoil page. I will be back soon and hopefully dominating my regular.  and new slaves.

This is my outfit for tonight you think I will make my way free entrance, free drinks, and free vip?? Of course look at me I'm fucking the it factor.