Wednesday, March 2, 2016

St. Barths Trip

Starting my early 2016 with my new girlfriend Nikki in the Caribbean having an awesome time thanks to David who paid for our 1 week stay there thank you loser. While being there exploring town we partied it up like no tomorrow and boy we were center of attention can't you see how hot we look in our photos yikes. We had all the men buying us drinks and taking us even shopping in their Ferrari cars what bratty princess can't say no to that fuck yea let's ride. My seven great days with Nikki was a blast hope we get to do it again thought I share some photos and what I am up to these days since I haven't posted in over 1year due to living fabulous and not giving a fuck about posting what's going on in my life just know it's fab and going awesome. Hope I can make get the next slave to take me to Cancun, Mexico this Spring break we shall see.