Sunday, December 15, 2013

Something TO JERK TO!

Just had my slave pay for my nails right before Christmas and I'm so loving this nude color! Nude color motivated me to take a nudie for your pervs to drool over. Christmas is around the corner boys be sure to send me gifts on my GIFTCARDS page. If you can't get me a giftcard then make your way to my NiteFlirt page where you can surprise princess with a big tribute. I've been partying to much with my girlfriend's going out again tonight we made a slave pay for our VIP in a club so I'm ready to get wild lol. I hope to hear from you bitches soon and if I could I wish I could claw your balls with my nails just so you can know I'm in charge and want to see only $50-$100 tributes you got that bitch never forget it bye.